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Back Pain: What to consider for the non-musculoskeletal provider

Posted by Tom Gocke, PA-C on Feb 1, 2019 2:21:58 PM

This is a 3-part Blog that looks at some of the more common concerns providers have when treating patients who present with back pain. In Part 1 we will look at acute non-traumatic musculoskeletal origins of back pain.  We talk about key historical, physical exam, diagnostic imaging and treatment options that are associated with MSK back pain.  In Part 2 we focus on neurologic origins the back pain.  We address historical, physical exam, diagnostic imaging and treatment options used to treat neurologic origin back pain. We will provide recommendations for follow up care based on physical exam findings that involve only sensory and motor changes and those urgent presentations that demand your immediate attention. Finally, in Part 3 we address those emergent non-spine origins for back pain. Providers should be aware that abdominal aortic aneurysms (AAA), acute cholangitis, and retroperitoneal hematomas can present as back pain. 

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Avoiding CT Surgery Physician Assistant Burnout

Posted by CT Assist on Sep 16, 2013 12:04:09 PM

CT Surgery Physician Assistants are the workhorses for most CT Surgery programs across the nation.  There are dwindling numbers of experienced CT surgery Physician Assistants with the skill-sets required to effectively manage the high acuity patients.  General Surgery residents are leaving CT Surgery in droves to maintain their strict 80 hour work week.   CT Surgery PAs are leaving the jobs they love to pursue a better life in a less demanding specialty.  There exists a shortage of CT Surgeons, and the problem will likely worsen.  Hospitals are asking for more than ever from their CT Surgery physician assistants, putting their PAs at risk of burnout.

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Cardiothoracic PAs & NPs an Integral Part

Posted by CT Assist on Aug 5, 2013 9:33:55 PM

CT Assist was started to satisfy the nationwide shortage of experienced, talented cardiac and thoracic surgery physician assistants and nurse practitioners. Surgeons know that a cardiothoracic PA or NP is integral to the functioning of the cardiac program. PAs have shown to improve patient satisfaction, outcomes, and reduce length of stay. Hospitals understand the value of experienced PA/NPs. CT Assist was created to meet the needs of hospitals and cardiac programs, by providing well-trained, motivated, and professional providers. We satisfy the need in with our locum tenens staff as well as our long-term staffing solutions.  Our focus is on providing hospitals with the best talent available in the industry. Our PAs and NPs can add to the quality of any program in the nation. We are very committed to providing our client's patients with the best possible outcomes.

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